Monday, March 24, 2008

Unplugged Project : We return for Eggs!

It has been so SO SO long since we've done an unplugged project! I totally should have posted this last night, buuuut I was baking tasty treats for DH and "the guys". It was a wee bit hard to do this one, as my Soph is really really really allergic to eggs. I can't wait until she out grows it 'cause I really want to dye eggs with her. I have a fun way of taking silk scraps and tying them to the eggs and then boiling them and they look AWESOME... alas I digress. You may have read a while back about how we made an Easter basket for daddy and mailed it to him. I took that to be our Egg project, plastic counts right? Here's the re post of the pictures.

B totally had a blast trying to put the eggs together
She never did quite get it, but she had fun banging them together too
Soph put peep chicks in the eggs to send to daddy
And little army men, so very appropriate!
I stuffed the eggs with not so Soph friendly treats like M&Ms and cadbury eggs, good stuff like that. If putting eggs in the cookies and brownies I baked counts then yay for me! Now! On to a super awesome contest that Momma (and more) is hosting on her blog! It's a chance to win a free subscription to KIWI magazine, and even more importantly, shared ways to be a little more green. What's more unplugged than helping our planet one family at a time?! Go check it out and share your ways of being more user friendly to our planet... after all, we only have one.

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Melonie said...

THANKS for helping spread the word!!! :-)

Melonie said...

ps did you hear about this:


We're hoping to head south for it.....

Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

Little B only wanted to bang them, Little Gabby only wanted to open them (she left a trail of little open plastic eggs everywhere she went) Glad to see you're falling back into the swing of things.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad you are back with us!! Fine project for an egg allergic little one (I used to be allergic to eggs as a child too). I think baking with eggs "counts" too. Welcome back and happy Easter!

Kate in NJ said...

Very cute!