Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update in a nutshell

Ha! Like I do anything in a nutshell. Well, here's my attempt. I made it to CA with 2 kiddos in tow all in one piece. Now, for anyone out there who isn't a football fan (such as myself), might I suggest making sure you don't plan a 8 hour flight across the country solo with 2 kids the week of the super bowl. Definitely don't schedule your 1 stop in the city that the super bowl is taking place. I did not have this foresight back in November or December, or whenever I got our tickets. I thought for sure we'd have plenty of seats and even though B was a lap child, we'd have a seat for her. Yeah.... not so much. We lucked out and had some really nice folks that sat next to us. From Phoenix to LA there was a really nice guy that sat next to us and he totally entertained Soph for the last leg of the flight. Talk about a God send. (I think she had a bit of a crush on him, he was the same age as her daddy and well... all little girls want to marry their daddy)

Ok, so that said.

Movers came and went. Our house is now empty, except for one lonely DH who shall be leaving soonish. We've made our list of adventures to partake in while in LA - since everyday is like a summer day for us we're having a nice time. I gutted, cleaned and re-arranged my old room in my ma's house to be more child friendly and welcoming - it's amazing that I got it accomplished in 1 day while alone with the kids - why can't I do that kinda stuff at my own house? *sigh*

Oh, and good news/bad news.- I brought my camera (to document our adventures), yet forgot my memory card (D'oh!). I have been using my mother's newly acquired (well not that newly) digital camera as a fill in until I can get a chip - once I load the pictures I shall share them. Most are of B who is crawling amuck and being crazy. I swear this child has no fear - I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow and she had escaped from her crib and crawled into my room and scaled the bed to join me. She really is crazy. Happy and adorable, yet loud and crazy.

Yeah well, that's it. I'm sure that there will be strife in a matter of days, but for now - things are goin' good.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow is not on my agenda

Apparently, no one told our atmosphere that snow was not on my agenda. There is enough on my "To Do" (tomorrow) list, shoveling snow and salting the sidewalk were not on this list! Normally I wouldn't mind, I'd enjoy some nice hot cocoa, we'd cuddle up in our bed and watch Shirley Temple and watch the snow fall from our window. We are leaving in 11 days! No time for shoveling! No time for salting! Wait... I don't even have time for posting. *sigh* oh well. Since we'll be staying with my mother for probably about a month, I have been trying to select which toys we should take with us and which ones we should have moved. Talk about a daunting task. I started to sort through our books, but when I realized our "take with us" stack was about as tall as me while sitting, I had to re-think my plan of attack. I do believe rather than take any of our books, I'm going to get a library card for the local library and we'll just check out books weekly like we do here. Then I wont even have to worry about losing any! Soph's getting excited about moving. I don't know what it is but she really really wants to go to school for some reason. She talks about it ALL THE TIME. I think since her classes ended and it's colder out she just really misses being around other kids. I kinda feel bad - I'm sure she'll come around when we get out west. I heard on the news (and researched to be sure) that Gov. Terminator has massively cut funding for education to try and offset the serious state deficit. Not cool. All the more reason why my child will be homeschooled. I'm pretty excited about the homeschool population in Monterey. Apparently many many military families homeschool their children. Especially since the average stay of a person stationed at the Defense Language Institute (our location to be), is about a year and a half.... not very long. We're lucky and we'll be staying at least 3 years. So by the time we leave (if we leave), B will be Soph's age. Not too shabby! At this point I'm just rambling - So I'll spare some boredom and bid adieu!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Not only am I posting, but I am posting pictures! I know, you all probably thought my camera had been destroyed by now. These are a few of our adventures from the past few days.

Well it appears that B has learned a new trick. She not only mastered the art of crawling in the blink of an eye, but apparently it wasn't challenging enough for her so she has moved on to bigger and better things - pulling herself up to stand. I have a feeling this one might be an escape artist.Yet apparently, she doesn't like company? This picture cracks me up because it's a bit of a roll reversal. B is always smiling and never really mad or anything, and Soph is always getting mad and protesting. Silly girls.
Soph and I busted out her tinker toys, she built a microphone and started singing with a guitar she made. Then she saw the bin and realized the girl had a pretty rockin' "guitar" - so I foolishly volunteered to make it for her. Hot DAMN that thing was complicated! There is no way little kids made half the things in those pictures! It's all a lie!
Yeah so DH couldn't resist joining in the jam - an every day rock star for sure. This is why I love the guy folks... he really is like a great big 7 year old. And who can resist a face like that?
Today we did some patterns- always fun
This would be Soph being me and DH - she stole my glasses, and his boots, and voila!
This would be us - I don't think I've ever ever posted a family photo before - this one is the best we could do, and believe you me, it's 1 of like 20. How sad is that?
B got a VTech car thingy for Christmas. I'm not sure who likes it more, B or Soph. Soph is taking B for a ride, as you can tell she's in the back seat :)
While cleaning and preparing B's room for moving, I stuck her in her crib so she wouldn't be crawling all over me - well I returned with a box and this is what I find - Soph "reading" to B in her crib - apparently she was lonely.
Yeah and that's about it for now. Hopefully, perhaps I'll have more to share. I'm fairly confident that I took more pictures than that, if I can remember where I saved them I'll post them later. Oh, and have I mentioned my children really really don't like clothes? Perhaps California and our family are just meant to be - we're not "winter" people.