Friday, January 11, 2008


Not only am I posting, but I am posting pictures! I know, you all probably thought my camera had been destroyed by now. These are a few of our adventures from the past few days.

Well it appears that B has learned a new trick. She not only mastered the art of crawling in the blink of an eye, but apparently it wasn't challenging enough for her so she has moved on to bigger and better things - pulling herself up to stand. I have a feeling this one might be an escape artist.Yet apparently, she doesn't like company? This picture cracks me up because it's a bit of a roll reversal. B is always smiling and never really mad or anything, and Soph is always getting mad and protesting. Silly girls.
Soph and I busted out her tinker toys, she built a microphone and started singing with a guitar she made. Then she saw the bin and realized the girl had a pretty rockin' "guitar" - so I foolishly volunteered to make it for her. Hot DAMN that thing was complicated! There is no way little kids made half the things in those pictures! It's all a lie!
Yeah so DH couldn't resist joining in the jam - an every day rock star for sure. This is why I love the guy folks... he really is like a great big 7 year old. And who can resist a face like that?
Today we did some patterns- always fun
This would be Soph being me and DH - she stole my glasses, and his boots, and voila!
This would be us - I don't think I've ever ever posted a family photo before - this one is the best we could do, and believe you me, it's 1 of like 20. How sad is that?
B got a VTech car thingy for Christmas. I'm not sure who likes it more, B or Soph. Soph is taking B for a ride, as you can tell she's in the back seat :)
While cleaning and preparing B's room for moving, I stuck her in her crib so she wouldn't be crawling all over me - well I returned with a box and this is what I find - Soph "reading" to B in her crib - apparently she was lonely.
Yeah and that's about it for now. Hopefully, perhaps I'll have more to share. I'm fairly confident that I took more pictures than that, if I can remember where I saved them I'll post them later. Oh, and have I mentioned my children really really don't like clothes? Perhaps California and our family are just meant to be - we're not "winter" people.

4 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Catching Fireflies said...

Great pictures!
Glad to see you posting.

Kate in NJ said...

P will drive anyone willing to get in the "backseat"!
I love the pics!!
Glad to see Soph hasn't given up on the summer wardrobe,lol.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

It's nice to see your face lol. Wow B gas grown. She is beautiful. SO is S. Beautiful family.

Lisa said...

Just happened on your blog from another one I read. You have such a cute family!