Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow is not on my agenda

Apparently, no one told our atmosphere that snow was not on my agenda. There is enough on my "To Do" (tomorrow) list, shoveling snow and salting the sidewalk were not on this list! Normally I wouldn't mind, I'd enjoy some nice hot cocoa, we'd cuddle up in our bed and watch Shirley Temple and watch the snow fall from our window. We are leaving in 11 days! No time for shoveling! No time for salting! Wait... I don't even have time for posting. *sigh* oh well. Since we'll be staying with my mother for probably about a month, I have been trying to select which toys we should take with us and which ones we should have moved. Talk about a daunting task. I started to sort through our books, but when I realized our "take with us" stack was about as tall as me while sitting, I had to re-think my plan of attack. I do believe rather than take any of our books, I'm going to get a library card for the local library and we'll just check out books weekly like we do here. Then I wont even have to worry about losing any! Soph's getting excited about moving. I don't know what it is but she really really wants to go to school for some reason. She talks about it ALL THE TIME. I think since her classes ended and it's colder out she just really misses being around other kids. I kinda feel bad - I'm sure she'll come around when we get out west. I heard on the news (and researched to be sure) that Gov. Terminator has massively cut funding for education to try and offset the serious state deficit. Not cool. All the more reason why my child will be homeschooled. I'm pretty excited about the homeschool population in Monterey. Apparently many many military families homeschool their children. Especially since the average stay of a person stationed at the Defense Language Institute (our location to be), is about a year and a half.... not very long. We're lucky and we'll be staying at least 3 years. So by the time we leave (if we leave), B will be Soph's age. Not too shabby! At this point I'm just rambling - So I'll spare some boredom and bid adieu!

3 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Wow I can not believe you are packing and going in 11 days.. Good luck with the move.

Mariposa said...

Good luck with your travels. I hope you have a safe journey. Monterey will be a lovely place to live and homeschool.

Kate in NJ said...

The snow just wanted to wish you well! And give Soph some fun play before you head west,lol.
I hope you will have computer access for the month..we'd miss you!
(hugs) Happy packing and safe travels until we meet again.