Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update in a nutshell

Ha! Like I do anything in a nutshell. Well, here's my attempt. I made it to CA with 2 kiddos in tow all in one piece. Now, for anyone out there who isn't a football fan (such as myself), might I suggest making sure you don't plan a 8 hour flight across the country solo with 2 kids the week of the super bowl. Definitely don't schedule your 1 stop in the city that the super bowl is taking place. I did not have this foresight back in November or December, or whenever I got our tickets. I thought for sure we'd have plenty of seats and even though B was a lap child, we'd have a seat for her. Yeah.... not so much. We lucked out and had some really nice folks that sat next to us. From Phoenix to LA there was a really nice guy that sat next to us and he totally entertained Soph for the last leg of the flight. Talk about a God send. (I think she had a bit of a crush on him, he was the same age as her daddy and well... all little girls want to marry their daddy)

Ok, so that said.

Movers came and went. Our house is now empty, except for one lonely DH who shall be leaving soonish. We've made our list of adventures to partake in while in LA - since everyday is like a summer day for us we're having a nice time. I gutted, cleaned and re-arranged my old room in my ma's house to be more child friendly and welcoming - it's amazing that I got it accomplished in 1 day while alone with the kids - why can't I do that kinda stuff at my own house? *sigh*

Oh, and good news/bad news.- I brought my camera (to document our adventures), yet forgot my memory card (D'oh!). I have been using my mother's newly acquired (well not that newly) digital camera as a fill in until I can get a chip - once I load the pictures I shall share them. Most are of B who is crawling amuck and being crazy. I swear this child has no fear - I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow and she had escaped from her crib and crawled into my room and scaled the bed to join me. She really is crazy. Happy and adorable, yet loud and crazy.

Yeah well, that's it. I'm sure that there will be strife in a matter of days, but for now - things are goin' good.

6 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Kate in NJ said...

Glad to hear you have arrived safely!
LOL on your flight adventures...glad Soph found someone to entertain her.
Can't wait to see pics!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

OMG I can't believe you were in the same city LOL must have been soo crowded but so exciting for S. Glad to hear you arrived safe. So how long will it take your dh? Can't wait to see the pics. Welcome to the West Coast. :)Now just get relocated to Portland and you'll be good.:)

Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived in one piece. That's a long flight to share a seat with a little one! It's good that you met generous and kind people olong the way.

Enjoy the stay with your mother. I'm glad to read that B is doing well. :)

Mariposa said...

That is quite a journey with two small children. What terminal were you in? We passed through 3, but before 8 am.

I hope you enjoy California. I love the Monterey area. Both Ami and my husband are native Californians.

chanale said...

Welcome to SoCal!

You're a brave woman taking a cross-country flight with two kids. :)

Anonymous said...

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