Monday, June 2, 2008

Quirky girl say what?

Ok.... so Kate tagged me to do this quirky deal. And I am so so so far fallen by the way side with biting off more than I can chew that I have neglected my blog. Yes I swore once my dear hubby returned I would post. Yes I have about a million pictures I should/could and would post yet have not yet even started to upload. So, I shall emerge from my super long silence to tell everyone how truly bizarre I am. I'm pretty sure everyone has already done this 'cause I'm really that slow. But if you feel inspired feel free to continue the natural progression of a meme. So, 5 quirky things about me... *my list may run over*

I count everything. Steps, seconds, floor tiles. I have no clue why.

I remember numbers by making correlations. Like.... if a phone # were 242-1266 I'd say oh, so 2x2 is 4 and 12-6 is 6. but I do it with any and all numbers, even if the connections make no sense.

I hate being wrong so much that I will keep my mouth shut and rather sit by in silent compliance than risk being wrong... I will regretfully admit my mistakes if I do happen to open my mouth and be wrong, but ooooh how I hate it.

I hate conflict so much that I will avoid it at all costs... even if I end up being miserable as a result.

I refuse to do the dishes if the dish rag is left in the sink. This has been known to lead to full on "domestic engineer strike" in which I refuse to do a single dish and generally if the dishes don't get done within the day I go on full house strike where I wont sweep or mop of do laundry either. I then end up having to do 3 days worth of chores when I give in because I hate feeling dirty.

I LOVE gardening, but wont do it if it's below 60 or windy.... needless to say my garden is sad this year

I'm convinced all insects have a conspiracy to attack me and where normally crickets and the like jump away from people, they actually attack me.

I'm scared of lightening to the point where I get anxiety attacks during storms

See.... totally blew past 5 and I'd keep going but well.... I need to go do dishes. Perhaps I'll find time soon to do a "3 months in review". We have had some mighty adventures, that's for sure! Alas - I shall have to get my act together another day.