Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Adventures in CA

Since arriving in CA we haven't done too much. My goal was to clean/re-organize the rooms we're staying in so that we actually have some liveable space... we did take a few breaks and I snapped a few pictures. So, in this 5 seconds of time I have, I shall give a brief overview.
We visited the family. Talk about making someone's day :)
Brenna played... she's quite the adventurous little one, and darn curious too!
Who doesn't love a good bounce?
Our neighbor since forever came over to pick some lemons from our tree, which has more lemons than one person could possibly know what to do with. Well, he did - he and Soph made lemonade.This is the "before sugar added" face.
What trip would be complete without a fashion show?
Or a trip to the interperative center to see the cool stuff about whales?
Poor B got horribly sick (and still is), you wouldn't be able to tell from the picture. She had 4 baths yesterday, it was the only way I could get my non-crier of a child to stop crying and be happy.
Today is B's day of feeling better enough to sleep. Thank goodness. She's been sleeping most of the day, but she still wont hardly eat anything, even her favorites. Hopefully she'll rest up and feel better. DH survived AR, he drove 15 hours yesterday because he was scared to death to stop driving. Both of us nearly had a heart attack when we watched the news last night and saw that there were 51 tornado touch downs and lots and lots of damage and many deaths as a result. I am beyond thankful that he made it through ok. If all goes as planned he'll be in Albuquerque tonight and then HERE tomorrow! So excited! He'll stay until Sunday and then head up to Monterey to report. It'll be a really nice visit and hopefully we can get a house soon so we can join him :)

3 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Kate in NJ said...

Good to see Soph back in a bathing suit,lol. Not that I think the snow would have stopped her (or my P).
I had many times when P took several baths a day because she loved it so.
;-) Very happy to hear your DH made it safely through the storms!!
Glad you'll see him soon and hoping you find housing real soon!!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos. Your Grandmother must love seeing your adorable little ones. I hope the kids are feeling better by now. Glad too that your dh was safe. All those storms are quite sad.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Brenna is tooo cute. The grandparents must be soo happy. Glad to see yu made it in one piece and DH will be joinig you soon. That must have been scary for you guys.