Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunshine and good times

The sun is shining, and despite a slightly chilly breeze, we headed outside for some fun in the sunshine.

Lil' B (not so lil') moving at lightening speed on her little ride on thingy... At least she didn't fall off.
Soph actually going quite quickly and throwing flowers at us - I'm very surprised she didn't fall off given she was throwing the flowers pretty hard.
Soph sharing her flowers with B
B trying to give it back.
This was the other day, but we were still outside! Brenna had too much fun I guess and passed out.
Since today is Easter for most that celebrate Easter, I thought perhaps I should include a picture of B's participation in the making of the package for daddy. She mostly pounded plastic eggs together.
Also, the other day, Soph made mud soup. Delightfully tasty.
B wanted in on the action ... or at least the ball.
Ah back to today - B found a pine cone and came to share it with me! So thoughtful.
So that's a lil' of this and a lil' of that -all of which involves a healthy dose of Vit D. If my children actually go to sleep (ha! a girl can dream right?) then tonight I'm going to bake some cookies for DH. Oooh I do miss him so. What's the countdown - 47 days or something like that? Little actual sit down learning is going on right now - it's mostly just trying to get through the days. Its hard enough when I just have to maintain a cleanish household, but to have to unpack and organize and maintain and do it alone? hot damn! I'm tired just thinking about it! Oh and I have a new found appreciation for DH - mowing a lawn as large as ours is hard work! Holy cow, I'm exhausted just thinking about the fact that I'll have to do it at least 3 more times while he's gone!

Hope every one's day is great!

3 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Kate in NJ said...

I do hope the 46 or so days you have left, fly by.(hugs)
3 more times to mow the lawn there,
must be spring! lol

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

One I love your backyard, Two, I can't believe B is that big, Three wh do you have sun and we don't. CUte, cute cute pictures. Have fun in the sun!!!

Amber said...

I am happy you are getting settled in your new home. WOW! Your tiny baby has GROWN!!!