Friday, March 14, 2008

I suppose it could be called Unschooling

So... with all the chaos that has been going on the past couple weeks I feel I have been very neglectful of my children's learning adventures. I suppose the whole experience could be a bit of unschooling. Very unstructured, very uneventful - I find myself feeling very blah about the whole thing. DH left Wednesday for Army school stuff, which is better than being deployed - but none the less it will be 2 months of flying solo. So - back to our adventures. I suppose laundry and organization is an important part of life, so my kids are being very educated in household chores :) This past Sunday the weather was fantastic, so we planted our garden - yet another important life skill :) I must say in a crazy attempt to settle in, poor Soph has had to (or "gotten to" depends on who you ask) watch a bit of TV, more so than ever before. She is on a new kick where she really wants to be in 1st grade and so she's been asking for homework and she's teaching herself how to write - some of her letters are pretty darn good - others not so much, but I figure there's time for that. She's constantly finding things to add and subtract so I suppose learning is going on whether I instigate it or not. Such is life.

Oh and to any/everyone that commented on my last couple of posts (which were ages ago I know) - in all the chaos I totally forgot that I had email notification set up and that once we moved I had to change email addresses - here I figured no one bothered checking back anymore, come to find out I had 14 unchecked comments. My bad! I promise to catch up soon. Promise Promise :) I think we're going to do something productive now - what.... I couldn't say for sure, but something. I feel totally stuck in and exhausted by all our life changes, I need something to kick me back into the swing of things. Sorry for the rant. Hope everyone's having a nice day :) Oh! and I found my camera chip in a random box of bathroom stuff (Yeah... I don't know either) so there shall be pictures soon!

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reprehriestless warillever said...

It sounds like the girls are learning plenty!

I hope you are all settled in soon.

Kate in NJ said...

I agree with B..sounds like unschooling is working for you,lol.
Yeah to finding the camera chip..can't wait to see everything
about your new
and all the cool places you'll go and see and do. Yeah..I'm nosy like that..that is why I wanted you to

Mariposa said...

That's really hard, a move to a new location and then he is sent somewhere else for 2 months.