Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Adventures

My mom came to visit us in Charm City. Always fun. So we actually did quite a bit this weekend. Somehow I did not manage to capture most of these moments on film. Oh well. C'est la vie.

We did have quite a bit of fun though. Lets see... we all went out to lunch, and Soph went on the Carousel several hundred times (ok, it was 3, but it sure felt like more than that). We went to LakeShore for their Make and Take Crafts on Saturdays - Soph made a recipe card holder and had a grand time. We went to a Greek Festival downtown. We attempted to make turkey cookies to decorate at the Preschool Co-op tomorrow, but they failed miserably. The flour we used was just not up to par. These cookies were SO bad, that I'm almost to embarrassed to even mention them! So, after all that - we made a sheet cake and used the cookie cutter to make little turkeys. That worked out just fine. We did a mock Thanksgiving dinner tonight which was quite tasty - although I think we'll be eating left overs up to and past the real Thanksgiving. While I had my KitchenAid mixer out, I figured it would also be a good time to make our first batch of Pumpkin Bread... so we had that for dessert. All in all, aside from several emotional breakdowns (aka tantrums.... both mine and Soph's), several massive spills, DH almost setting my kitchen on fire, and other various other unpleasant isolated incidents, we had a nice weekend... Here are the few photos I do have -

While doing some last minute cleaning the day my mom arrived, I let Soph have at her windows with her window markers. I figured I had to wash them anyhow - may as well keep her occupied and thrilled while I got to vacuum. Worked like a charm. Soph and Little B were playing dress up together. I'm pretty sure that B was not a willing participant, but such is the life of a 7 month old with a big sister. It seems she would have preferred to have been Cinderella than... buried in Soph's clothes. While I was washing the windows (which by this point were covered in marker and quite colorful), Soph went to the bathroom. Well - imagine my surprise when rather than using the bathroom, she had opted to clean it. Well, I appreciate the eagerness to help - but that container of soap you see... well it was full when she started. And for those observant folk, yes she did change from Tinkerbell to a ladybug ballerina. After all, if one is going to clean, they may as well look their best and be graceful, right? This was the only picture I snagged while baking today. It was while making our tragically horrible cookies. Soph is very good at scrapping down the sides. She even put on her apron to keep her "pretty dress clean" - and yes... that is a summer dress and the high today was 44 degrees. I really think my child is in denial that summer is over. This upcoming week is super busy with Co-Op, art class, adopt-a-park clean up/party, gymnastics and what not... so expect a fun-filled post to come! Oh and of course there is Unplugged Monday! Which we're still working on - it seems that Soph really just isn't feeling it this week. We shall see if it works tomorrow. I had tons of ideas, but she really just didn't bite on any of them! More on that later :)

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Binary Blonde said...

Hello from So Cal! In true spirit of NaBloPoMo, you’ve been Tagged!

P.S. - Wow, sounds like you've had a busy week!

Kate in NJ said...

Love the dress and apron!
P also does not accept that summer
is over!

carlaj22 said...

I found you via the Randomizer at NaBloPoMo. I'm trying to visit a lot of sites, see a lot of opinions, and make some new friends.
Love your pictures. Looks like you're all having fun.