Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unplugged Project : Red

For some reason my blog went on strike and wouldn't let me post yesterday. So this is a day late. Sorry folks!

For our red Unplugged Project I had tons of ideas of things to do. Red collages, nature walks in search of red, scavenger hunts... the list could go on. Alas, Soph really wasn't into it. She loves to cut, so I thought she'd be up for cutting up old magazines - No, I ended up doing that myself. Then I thought perhaps she would want to glue them to paper because she loves making massive messes with glue... nope. The city tore up our sidewalks to fix the "walkways and driveways" so we had nowhere to walk to do our nature walk.

What we ended up with was a race through our house. The contenders, my mom and Soph. Little B and I were the refs. They had 2 minutes to find everything/anything red that they could on our 1st floor. They each made a pile of their findings. Well, the race ended, and I ascended up the stairs to change Little B - all the while hollering down the stairs not to clean up, and to count them, find the largest and smallest, and other assorted tasks that could stem from all the red objects that had been gathered. Well, when I returned - they had cleaned up. So sorry folks, no pictures. Hopefully the box adventures will go more smoothly - after all, what kid isn't always up for playing in/with/on/around boxes?

4 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, the one time someone would clean up for you..;-)
Sounds like you have been enjoying your visit with your Mom.

Cindy said...

Found you through the NaBloPoMo Randomiser. Enjoyed looking through your blog. We don't have kids, but I would have wanted to homeschool if we had. Good for you!

Best of luck with your posting for the month! Hope you enjoy NaBloPoMO.

Mom Unplugged said...

A red scavanger hunt, what a great idea! Sorry you weren't quick enough for photos. I wish my kids would pick up that quickly :)

I look forward to seeing what you do with "Box" next week. As you say, all kids love boxes, so there should be some fun ideas coming out of it. Enjoy your week!

scjacobs said...

That's a very creative way to do red. I tend to give up when my first and second tries don't pan out.