Sunday, November 18, 2007

Leaves, and Legos and Cookies oh my!

Yeah so, in all honesty - my new obsession really monopolized the majority of my weekend. I figured since weekends are the only time I'm not out numbered, I may as well take advantage of it. We did do some stuff though - I shall recap.

DH and Soph raked leaves today. They were really adorable, the picture is not so great. In my defense I took it from inside the house, from our bedroom window - so there was a screen and glass involved. Before they could finish and jump in them it started to pour - lame.We also baked sugar cookies. Since Soph's doing well with the wheat allergy and it seems to be leaving, we made real cookies (well, without eggs or dairy) - they were tasty and Soph loves to bake so it was a swell time. She wanted to make gingerbread girls. I tried to explain the concept of trying to get more than one cookie out of each roll - I failed. She's not to bad at rolling out dough - although she really must have missed the memo that states - "Summer is over. It is now fall and barely 45 degrees outside - bathing suits and dresses are no longer suitable." *sigh* at least we stayed indoors. This was our first attempt at our Unplugged Project. Filling a box with legos. (Fun I know) Interest - gone. Thus begins the creation of a sword. I do believe the soul reason for the creation of the sword was to attack me, luck me. For any of you curious folk out there, the box was 5 legos deep. I did go on to fill it - mostly because I was trying to hog the Legos. A smile and a pat on the back to anyone who knows how many legos fill that box. :) And so ends a wonderfully lazy weekend.

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Fun Mommy of 2 said...

we made sugar cookies too!!!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, it poured here as well, and today it's mixing with snow.
I packed up P's Summer clothes while she was hanging out with my Sis.