Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Fine Line

I do believe there is a fine line between "enjoyable hobby" and "addiction". It is quite possible that I am teetering on that line. Its not like I have time to decorate these boxes - but oh I love it so! I decided that in addition to the Thanksgiving Box, I wanted to make a Christmas Box as well. It is part of my mission to simplify Christmas and get back to what really matters. (I have a post in draft that expands on my mission, but it requires much thought, and well.... I've been too busy decorating boxes! No time to "think".) I believe traditions are important and since Soph is old enough now to begin to appreciate them, I thought perhaps we would start one. Every year I hope to put a few things in the box that really capture our Christmas that year (nothing big of course, after all, the box isn't a moving box) as well as a picture (or a couple pictures). Every year on Christmas Eve, I think it would be nice to open the box and spend time reflecting and remembering the happy holidays we've had. I might have to dig out some photo's of Soph's past Christmases, lucky duck little B gets to start out with the tradition!

I do suppose I'll hold off on posting the picture of my new box until Monday as well. And I must say, this may only be my 2nd box, but it's already much better than my Thanksgiving one. Perhaps that's why I'm not done yet - deeper concentration. :)

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Mariposa said...

It sounds like a lovely idea.