Sunday, November 18, 2007

Unplugged Project - The Box Edition

Well here they are! The much anticipated pictures of our Unplugged Project - The Box Edition.

But first a word from our sponsors me. I thought it would be nice to incorporate some books into our unplugged project - so while at the library on Thursday I picked up Not a Box by Antoinette Portis and The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli. We had read Not a Box before, but it's cute enough and Soph didn't object. Soph really enjoyed The Birthday Box as well, but I think that's because she desperately wants to be 4 and therefore is mildly obsessed with birthdays.

Now on to the pictures. I must state that the pictures didn't really turn out too well - but you'll get the general idea. Oh and Soph also made a Christmas Box with some snowmen (very cute), but it's not shown. She's "hiding" it in her room and I wasn't about to start looking for it.

Here she is, working diligently. I bet pealing stickers is a pretty good exercise in fine motor skills. Conveniently it's one of her very favorite things to do.

I let her use my "fancy" markers to decorate her box. She was quite pleased.

Here are my box lids. The flash made the Christmas one unhappy, but the shined out part is just a definition of Joy.

The side of my box and Soph's box. She didn't stop at the lid, not the sides. She went whole hog and decorated the inside as well. No wonder she was occupied for so long.More sides. Exciting right?! You guessed it! More sides. But that's the last batch, promise. For you math wiz's out there, you may notice I left a side off. I didn't like it - so the poor guy didn't make the cut.

Well, hopefully you guys weren't too disappointed. After such a huge build up you were probably expecting something quite spectacular. Let's be realistic here - my skills are a "work in progress". Perhaps if I actually continue with my new interest, I shall have something a bit better to show. Although, if that's the case I may have to start charging - 25 cents per view seems fair ;). Tune in next week for - Being Thankful. (with a special guest appearance by, Thanksgiving Box!)

9 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Kate in NJ said...

Very pretty!

missbecky75 said...

love the boxes! Very creative! And I love that you read some books about boxes, too.

I am really enjoying these unplugged projects! My boys had a blast with "BOX".

See you next week.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life

Heather said...

Great job

Jenny said...

They turned out great! My daughter loves to peel stickers too- I wonder what it is about that they love so much? And good idea about the books too!

Anonymous said...

Those boxes are lovely! I bet the side you didn't like is fine too (I'd pay 25 cents to see it!). They'll make very nice storage boxes.

I like the idea that you incorporated books into your project. I'll have to try and find those at our library.

It seems that you two had fun with this one. As always, I look forward to seeing what you come up with for next week.

It is really fun for me to see all the completely different projects that come from each simple idea. I love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tamara said...

I like your boxes a lot and I think I will look for the box books as well. My kids LOVE boxes.

Andrée said...

if i had boxes as pretty as those, i might be more organized. i know i would be. they will be beautiful all stacked up and full of great things.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

LOVE the box idea. very cute.

chanale said...

I could never make anything that looked so pretty. Wow!

Sophie shows such concentration. It looked like she had fun with it!