Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'd say weekly.... but...

Well I had the best of intentions of posting at least weekly. It seems, however, that after posting our Unplugged Project, that I totally forgot to post all the other stuff that had gone on! So rather than a weekly update, this will be a photo journal... in no specific (and definitely not chronological) order, although I did try a little to have it flow. Here goes nothin'! We have a calender in our "preschool" room, however I wasn't thinking clearly and put it on our back door... needless to say it has seen better days. I acquired this one and rather than have the whole month set up to start we are doing it together each day. So we have one calender that gives the whole picture, and one that goes piece by piece. Hopefully she'll develop a better sense of how long a month is and what not. It seems to be working well. Hopefully it will help with number recognition as well. She's pretty amazing at looking at a group and just spouting out how many there are and she's good at adding and subtracting, but not so much with saying which one in a group is the number 7, 9 etc. After nearly 7 months of having raspberries blown on her tummy, arms, legs, face... any inch of baby that there is... Little B discovered her tongue... and how to blow raspberries of her own. She spends about 70% of her day blowing raspberries, and is quite content in doing so. It's quite funny to watch - since most of the time she ends up cracking herself up. Silly girl! We enrolled Soph in an art class for preschoolers. In addition to acquiring the calender, I also scored some "frames" for her artwork. The one on top is the "piece" she did in class, it's water color that she textured a bit with sand or something... the nice lady that runs the class framed that one. The one below it was one of our early finger painting adventures. We thought it would be fun to have an art wall. I think this shall be the wall... although that might be changing soon - it might not be big enough. One of the reasons that my DH is the greatest is he made pumpkin (excuse me... Jack-O-Lantern) pancakes for Soph for Halloween. They turned out pretty cute and decently tasty too... the only negative - they turned Soph's face blue from the food coloring. That's OK though :) Small price to pay. 22222222 (that's was B's toe's contribution... I thought I'd leave it) Soph was Dorothy for Halloween. She put her costume on at about 10am and had me do her hair and she refused to take it off all day. Needless to say her hair wasn't so pretty by trick-or-treating time. Oh well. She was hilarious though, running around like she was on speed 'n such. She asked one man if there were peanuts in the candy and he was like "um, I don't think so I'm sorry" and she said "oh I don't like peanuts, I'm allergic, so this is good"... poor guy looked so confused. She definitely was high energy that night. I'm almost sorry I missed it - I only did the top half of our block with DH and the kiddos, then I had candy duty. yes... my living room is a mess. I know. But lets all look past the mess and see the really awesome Alphabet activity mats :) Sophia loves them. They come in quite handy when I'm attempting to feed B, do dishes, etc. The other day we lined them all up in alphabetical order and she hopped from A - Z telling me what she was hopping on as she was landing. If she knew what letter it was she told me, if not I told her. Then after that got old I "hid" the letters all over (except the kitchen), and then I would tell her what object and letter to find and she would run to it and bring it back to the box to put away. It was a very productive game. Soph wanted to color a Wizard of Oz picture after Halloween was over... alas, here she is... coloring. Exciting I know. I'm addicted to coupons. And clipping them. I usually sort through and take out the ones I want, then I clip the rest of them and either give them to our neighbor to pick through or in days of past I was part of a coupon train, and I would just mail them along. Well after I finished ours, Soph wanted to help me cut the rest of them. She did a good job of keeping her thumb up and scissors out.:) Can you tell whose pile is whose? I'm usually the moon foam police. I don't like the mixing of the colors - only because a)they're hard to pick apart and b) there are no single colors when she wants them... tears usually follow. Prior to the addition of the white I asked her why she was mixing up the blue and green. She told me she was making a flat globe and it was the Earth. Cool. Then I saw the glob of white headed towards the "Earth". I asked what the white was for on the globe and she said that it was from space and the white was the clouds. Rock on Soph.

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