Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Christmas Conundrum

This year I am faced with a particularly puzzling situation. For a while now, I have been quite exhausted by the commercialism of Christmas. I feel like the whole point of the holiday is being torn apart by the pressure of trying to do everything perfectly. I know that this is a topic that I've talked about previously, but as Christmas approaches I too am starting to feel the strain. I accomplished my mission of finishing all my homemade gifts. Which covered most people, I got Soph accomplished, her 2 older cousins, my mom and grandma, my MIL and my biological mother. Since Lil' B is so... well little - me crafting something for her would have been ridiculous, so I got her some wooden old school style toys that are NOT a lead risk, and I got some similar type toys for my youngest niece, although she got some homemade wooden puzzles. Now I am faced with my conundrum. DH, my sister and my BIL. DH wants nothing - literally nothing. I can't get him nothing, that's horrible. I'll have to think extra hard for him. My sister is the worst of all though - I asked what she wanted/what she was interested in. Her response - I like coffee and cigarettes. Ok that's not gonna happen, so that was negative amounts of helpful. She assured me that it was ok - I assured her it was NOT. I don't care that those are her interests, I wish she had other interests to make my life easier - but I'm not about to give her a carton of smokes and hand it to her in from of my whole family! Talk about a foot in the rear, I'd get some serious strife for that one. So how am I supposed to stick to my homemade pledge if it would go unappreciated/wanted?! *sigh* BIL wants something that although isn't homemade by me personally, or anyone unless a large machine is handmade. BUT! He wants a set of router bits, so I can probably be ok with that since the router bits would be a tool for him to craft things by hand - so that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Oh and sorry I've been a slacking blogger. We've been traveling so much this past month that I've barely had 2 seconds. I'll be better - I'll make it a New Year's resolution :)

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Kate in NJ said...

How about if you "made" her a coffee mug? Even if you just have a pic of your girls or a sweet one of the two of you as kids on it via snapfish or something. Or you could "paint"
a mug....something like that.
Maybe your DH would prefer a coupon book "handmade" by you.."this entitles you to one baking session without clean-up" lol

Amber said...

I printed out the Chocolate trucks from www.thetoymaker and filled them with chocolates for some people who said they wanted or needed nothing. I am also giving them pictures of the children. I hope to let the children paint up the frames if we have time. A homemade gift we gave that my hubby loves is a framed set of my son's footprints with a poem about needing a Daddy to walk slow so a little child can keep up with him and how the child looks up to and loves him so much. I can send you a copy of the poem if you are interested. Hand prints on shirts or shirts painted by children go over well as gifts for family and friends. Plates of cookies or fudge also seemed to be well liked. I hope you find something in time.

patrice said...

Bravo! I feel strongly too about home made, especially when your list is as long as it is. I'm roasting some raw nuts for those tricky folks on my list...cashews, almonds, and for my FIL, some macadamia's. Sometimes I throw in some dried cranberries and maybe nibs of chocolate when everything is roasted and cooled. If you try it, I found roasting each type of nut by itself since they all roast at different speeds.
Warm wishes!

Grumpy said...

I was just gonna say....

What about a nice little coffee set…. Put together a small mug of coffee with the usual fixings that she likes and maybe a stack of homemade cookies or something healthier along with a nice photo you have of your sis and BIL or just yoursis as a little girl. Partially home made works too! :) Simple inexpensive and pretty easy to do.

Mariposa said...

Merry Christmas!