Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Who we are and what we do

I figured that perhaps a family history/overview would be in order. After all - its always nice to know about the person/people you're reading about. I'm Daphne. I'm 25 and a native Southern Californian. I met my husband Pat when I was in the Air Force and we were both stationed in Monterey, CA at the Defense Language Institute. He is still in the Army, but I separated when I was pregnant with Sophia (apparently pregnancy is a "get out of the military free" card). I loved being in the AF and miss it lots. I've never been a stay at home type of person, I always felt most comfortable working hard or learning hard. I don't like doing anything half-assed. Up until getting pregnant with Brenna I was a nursing student and I was happy as a clam going to school full time and working PT as a manager at a Yankee Candle. Right after I quit my job to go to school more I found out I was pregnant and due before the end of the semester so I dropped out of the program. I was pretty upset but got over it. I like staying home most days, some days (like yesterday) are harder than others, but everyone is adjusting well... better than I anticipated. As far as hobbies/interests I like to think of myself as an "aspiring hobbyist". I have the desire to keep up with hobbies but usually end up having to put it aside due to lack of time and then I forget about it or lose interest. Examples of past ventures failed are Scrap booking, Crocheting, Knitting, and Cross stitch. I really really enjoyed Cross stitch, but when I would get going I don't like stopping projects (or anything really) until I'm finished, so Pat would get a bit frustrated with my "absence" for a couple days (or perhaps several) at a time. I really enjoy stamping, and making mini cards as well as gardening, canning, garage sale hopping, and reading when time allows. I most recently read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, busted through it in 3 days so Pat wouldn't get disgruntled. Before that I hadn't read a book that wasn't school mandated since Middlesex - but I must say it is one of my all time favorite books EVER. I really really loved every line of that book. I do enjoy more classic authors like Salinger, Steinbeck, Kerouac... you get the idea. Patrick- talk about an awesome hubby and daddy. He's 22 and just got promoted to Staff Sergent in the Army (that's an E-6). He's a really smart and creative guy, although I think the whole army thing and the family thing hinders it a little as he can't really spend time on his hobbies as much as he would like. When we met he swept me off my feet with his guitar playing, I wish he would play more because its almost like you can feel how much he enjoys it by listening to him play. As much as I am an aspiring "hobbyist", Pat is what he deems an aspiring reader. He loves reading, loves thinking, loves debating (just not with me because I don't take kindly to the devils advocate which is his favorite position regardless of what he actually thinks), after much nagging he JUST started reading the Harry Potter series and has read the first 3 books in the past 5 days.... that's fast readin' for him! Anyhow...Sophia is definitely a daddy's girl. She is so crazy about him its almost nauseating. Its sweet though because the goof off like only a daddy and daughter can. Every day she'll randomly ask if I'm comin' to the wedding - everyday I ask whose getting married and she looks at me (as if we've been over it a thousand times before... because we have) and says, I am! Me and Daddy are getting married in the back yard and you're invited. When I ask well why can't I get married too? She explains that she can't marry me because I am a girl and I can still be married to daddy but I can't get married in the yard. Cute kid. Sophia - Oh my. Our little 3 year old princess. I love that little girl but sometimes I think she might be the death of me. She is always coming up with things that blow me away. She's pretty bright for a girl her age, but the poor thing is allergic to just about every food you can think of... She's severely allergic to - Peanuts, shellfish (iodine), casein, and eggs. She'll get hives but not go into anaphlyaxis from wheat, peas and high fructose corn syrup... and up until about 3 weeks ago Soy was on that list too. Talk about a limited diet! When she did go to daycare while I was in school full time I packed her lunch everyday, and if there was a party of any kind at all I would make her cupcakes to bring in for her to eat (most of the time the "teachers" didn't tell us about the party and the poor child had to sit alone and not get a treat). Every day she would sit alone at a table because even though she knew not to eat anyone else's food or even touch it, the staff was scared of the liability and would isolate her. Talk about a sad experience. She never seemed to be phased by it though. Whenever we go out to eat she'll always order for herself and she will tell the server "I'd like a hamburger with no bun and no cheese. I'm allergic" Hopefully she'll outgrow some of the allergies. She is a thinker too that little girl. Always scheming and coming up with ideas. Endless energy though - runs me into the ground. Brenna - Well she's only 4 months, what could I possibly have to say about her? We barely know what color her eyes are heading towards (looks like green). I can say is very quiet. She sleeps very well, eats very well. Is long and darned skinny and always has this look on her face like she is seriously thinking about what is going on. I get many comments from random ladies standing behind us in various lines that say "ooh it looks like she's going to start crying but she doesn't" I tell them its her thinking face. Well that's us

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Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Beautiful family you have. I like how you described everyone. You are blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Kate in NJ said...

I can't wait to get to know you all better! :-) Your children are beautiful!