Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The good gone bad

Holy Bananas. Where do I even begin. Our day started out flawless. Brenna woke up at 6:30a but looked so so sleepy that after changing her I brought her into our bed to play and snuggle a few minutes before heading down to feed her and she fell right asleep. Awesome, half an hour more sleep for me! So exciting. So I ended up waking her up at 7a so she could be all fed and happy in her chair before Sophia woke up. Which happened at 7:40a, just as I was putting B in her seat and about to start getting breakfast ready. Usually she doesn't have specific breakfast requests (Sophia that is... Brenna has no choice -ha) so I just serve up whatever I feel like, but when she came down the stairs she asked if she could please have a blueberry muffin and she would wait (I had to thaw it since we stash them in the freezer). So she sat and loved/played with (translate as "smooshed a little) Brenna, I went and fetched the paper and when I walked back in Sophia informed me that her muffin beeped and Brenna pooped but she would change her stinky nasty poo. Thanks but no thanks kiddo. Sophia asked if it was going to be hot and yucky like yesterday and when I said "yes its going to be really hot, probably too hot to play outside much" she replied "with oh that's ok, I'll just wear my bathing suit"... She wasn't kidding. (She wore it all day long, and then complained about wedgies) So after breakfast we went out and watered the garden and I found 2 renegade veggies, a cucumber (pickling variety) and a summer squash. Sophia laughed at how huge they were so we decided they needed to be documented.

Its kinda hard to see how big the squash is, but I usually don't let them get larger than 6 inches long, and I get the cucumbers when they're 4 - 5 inches long. Both are way bigger than that, she had serious issues holding both. So a bit later after some bingo B was hungry and when I put her bottle in the mason jar I use to warm it up Sophia looked at it and said "mommy! Her bottle, it looks bigger". So she asked if she could borrow my jar and proceeded to drop random little toys in to see what they looked like. After putting a teacup in to see what it looked like she decided to use the water to fill up all her tea cups and have tea. When she realized she had made a huge mess she went and got the bar of soap out of the bathroom and used it to clean her table when I realized what she was doing I asked her about it and she said she had everything under control but could I please get her a towel to get the soap off and a towel to dry. Crazy kid.
We went to Toys R Us to get some large building blocks and a train set, we saw a mole running wild in the parking lot.. its the large brown mound... talk about an action shot. So things even went well after we got home, she was really good in the store - only asked for a princess dress about 10 times when finally I told her her options were to get what we came for or to put everything back and go home.... she stopped asking (victory for me). When we got home Brenna was screaming, she was hot, and tired and hungry and that is a lethal combo. So usually Sophia understands that the baby is needy ("since she's a baby and can't do things herself like a big girl can" in Sophia's words), but today she was super not happy whenever I had to do anything with Brenna, which unfortunately was quite a bit since she had killer baby gas. Then when 2pm came and it was quiet bedroom play time (which she has been doing well with since I instituted a small present bribe- candy didn't work, but small dollar store toys wrapped up work(ed for 2 days)) everything went from bad to worse. I really needed that hour today too! It took 30 minutes of the time just to get her to go to sleep since every time she would start to drift off Sophia would burst in yelling... thanks a lot! So eventually she got so tired that she just passed out. Sophia continued to scream over and over and over and when I tried to explain that part of the reason I needed her to stay in her room was that I was trying to assemble her 45 newly acquired blocks (very not adult friendly) so we could build with them after. So she started screaming about her alarm not going off yet but it was so close it should blah blah blah blah BE QUIET!!! my goodness. I wanted to put a pencil in my eye. Then I got a call from my super awesome (not so informative) husband (with a horrible memory) saying he forgot to tell me BUT (my favorite way to get a phone call during a near mental meltdown)... he had Sergent training today and he forgot to tell me and then he had formation so he probably wouldn't be home until 6:30pm (It was 4pm - he usually is home by 5pm to save me and let me actually cook dinner distraction free). Well at 6:30pm he called to say he just got done and he'd be home in an hour. I had already relayed to him my crankiness, yet upon returning home he read Harry Potter while I fed Sophia and myself and continued to do so as Sophia pretended he was the big bad wolf and She was a little pig and Brenna and I were her brothers. She got the brick house (which we built with her new blocks) while I had the straw house and Brenna the sticks.... why did I get shafted? She literally recited the book word for word and corrected me when I said "No, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin"... apparently its "No, I will not let you in, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin"... my bad. After the entire story ran it's course we then played little red riding hood and when it came time to clean up she had the largest melt down of the day (I didn't even kow that was possible) so I told Pat I was done and she was all his before I lost it. And here we find ourselves.... 2 1/2 hours later. Hot damn that was long. I feel better though! I don't blame anyone who quit reading an hour ago ;)

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Kate in NJ said...

((hugs)) Hopefully today will be better...although still too hot to get out most likely.
P also runs around in just her bathing suit some days! Yesterday was one of them,lol.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I am on the opposite end over here. It is cold and breezy. Our summer is pretty much over :(. Daphne, I love you blog. I was actually cracking up. I know all this is NOT funny during all this, but when you write it out like that, that is how my days go. Days that I have 4 kids, it's really insane. I think that is why I was laughing because I so understand what it is like. Hope you have a better day.