Friday, August 24, 2007

Positive Energy

There sure is a lot of positive and kind energy floating around this past week. It warms my heart and makes me smile seeing so many people (some longtime friends, some people that have only stumbled upon each other through the awesome power of a little free time and a great big internet) offering such kind gestures and word to one another. I am of course referring to the current circulation of the "Nice Award". Now... I don't know how it got started, and I definitely don't know how I got nominated for it (although, it had been a bit of a rough week and it really did make me feel so much happier to know someone thought I was nice. So, thank you very much Amber and Yasmina.) I was a bit delayed in passing it on because I didn't want to neglect anyone. I can honestly say I would have to nominate every person whose blog I have ever bookmarked to sneak a peak at when I find a free moment. So, rather than have to choose I would like to pass it on to anyone and everyone who has ever inspired me, made me smile, or encouraged me through the words they have written in their blog. Given that I am somewhat "young" as far as a parent of a 3 year old and 4 month old go, most of my friends don't have kids and simply don't understand what the challenges and joys of being a parent are yet - so I truly value and appreciate finding other people that I have never met but seem to know so well. gosh I feel mushy PS My goals of cleaning have yet to be accomplished. I indulged in my guilty pleasure of Monk and Psych instead. *tee hee*

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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, There will be plenty of time to clean later.(says the lady who also needs to clean her house) ;-)