Thursday, August 23, 2007

Porridge, Libraries, and trips to NY

So, today was mildly more eventful it seems than the rest of the week... that really doesn't say much though. Last night was another late night so rather than letting Sophia sleep until she felt like getting up, after Brenna ate and was sound asleep I went to lure her out of bed. Now... I don't know how it works for anyone else out there, but the waking of my child is like opening Pandora's Box... it really isn't a good idea - but oh so tempting. Well today I decided to go with a different method. Rather than be nice and rub her back and talk softly and try and sway her with the thought of pancakes - I thought perhaps if I just opened her shades and said softly "I know you're sleepy, but its time to wake up. You can keep your eyes closed, I'll just read you stories until you feel like getting up". Holy cow. Talk about working like a charm. I've never known that child to resist a story. Even if she says she doesn't want to read.... if I start reading to Brenna, or her dolls... or the monster that was hiding in the hallway - she always ends up listening (although if you ask her if she is she'll act like she's simply too busy for a story). So that worked swimmingly. I thought perhaps she would enjoy a change from the normal oatmeal/kix/pancakes for breakfast so I made some Scottish Porridge. Talk about another smash hit! I hate letting her watch TV, and since the porridge did require a bit of attention, I set her down at the kitchen table with 5 types of pasta, some markers, paper plates and some glue. What resulted was "daddy" - mustache and all (only to find out he finally shaved the icky thing this morning while we were still sleeping). So then while eating our porridge of course we had to be the 3 little bears - well I doubled as mama and papa bear, and Brenna was baby bear (even though she was sleeping) - Sophia was Goldilocks. Needless to say she ate all her porridge, and when I went to check on Brenna she finished mine too. (Sneaky girl) So we played and frolicked a bit, read a few more books - practiced cutting a bit (my over zealous daughter loves to cut, but doesn't like to stop... it is a process). Then I decided since the library near us is so close yet so so worthless if I was going to continue my quest to read the 100 books all children should read before school I would have to find a better library. And I did! Oh my gosh it is awesome. I didn't know this, but MD has a state wide library card, so I can check out books anywhere! Even in the super awesome huge library that is only 5 minutes driving from us! Oh my gosh. (Yes I really am that excited that I can't form sentences) I got a whole new library card since my old one expired anyhow, and Sophia got her very first library card. When I signed the back of hers I gave it to her and said she could print her name if she wanted - she said she should sign like me... she tried and it was cute. They even gave her a backpack to carry all her books in for free (my favorite word). We were directed to the children's section... my hopes were not high - I was just hoping for a library that didn't have an armed police officer in it. Oh it was fantastic! There was the young readers section, and then in a room all of its own was a brightly colored adorable room with nothing but picture books. And not just the junky ones - good picture books! Sophia was so excited she wanted to take them all home with her. I told her that wasn't fair to the other children that might want to borrow some. She agreed and instead we came home with 11. All the way home she asked when we would get to read them. I was very happy the car ride was only 5 minutes. Needless to say we read them all when we returned home, with the exception of Mother Goose (illustrated by Mary Engelbreight) which we only read 4 or 5 before we headed off to play with Brenna. I have never been so happy to find a library in my life. New York. We are going to a wedding on Long Island. I am not thrilled. I don't like functions in which I must look nice. I don't do it well. Brenna has just fallen back asleep (it really has taken me that long to type this... much coming and going) and I do suppose DH would like some help with the dishes that I am "making" him do. (I may have signed up to cook and raise the kids - but I did not see "dishes" in the contract). I hope this 5 hour trip plays better than our last long car ride. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Theresa said...

Do you have a recipe for that Scottish Porridge you could share?I am always looking for new stuff for breakfast. SO tired of the same old cereal, pancakes, waffles routine.

Kate in NJ said...

Sounds like a beautiful morning.
My brother -in-law is in Long Island,
and it is almost 5 hours from our house to his! Drive safely!
Think of us when you're driving on the Jersey Turnpike! lol

Shari said...

I am glad you found a wake-up routine that works so well for you. What a blessing that must be.

We have a good library near us. It is actually fairly small, but they change books with the other branches almost constantly. I have a large, STRONG bag that is always the library bag. We have a nice system that works well for us for keeping those books together. I hope you find similar enjoyment with your newly discovered branch!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I love our library but it's a good 20 minute drive, which is considered close. We have not been in a while. I loove bringing home "new" books.We read them all in one sitting as well. have a fun weekend

Amber said...

I was just as excited when I found a wonderful library not far from my house. We have several libraries around me that are not worth the trip. I also wanted to let you know that I gave you an award it is on my blog.

Daphne said...

Theresa - Scottish Porridge sounds fancy, but really I just bought the oats for it instead of regular oatmeal. We bought it at Whole Foods when that brand (Weston Ltd I believe) was on sale 4 for $6. Plain oats of any sort are tasty in my book, for a 3 year old... not so much. I added 1t. of sugar to the entire batch (2 servings 1c oats: 1 3/4c. water)to liven it up a bit - My DD enjoyed it just like that, with some fruit on the side. Sorry that wasn't more helpful.

Amber - Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I feel so sunshiney - on a rough day it really made me feel so much better.

chanale said...

Your closest library has an armed guard?! Is he afraid some reading might occur? :)

Your new library sounds like a dream. Our branch is alright, but I'd really like to check out the downtown San Diego Public Library - I don't know if it's any good, but there's a whole floor for children, and I do know they have a good selection (I call them often to have books sent to my branch).

I've decided to work my way through one of Nina's 100 books lists, too. I giggled when I saw your eye-catching rainbow list to the left with "*phew* breath...continue." :D