Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lazy Monday? How about lazy week.

I don't know what happened... Ever since we got back from PA it seems that we're way out of whack. Sophia has been up way,way to late. Therefore, I have been up way to late... which definitely makes for a cranky mommy. Cranky mommy means lack of creative juices flowing. Perhaps the reason she is up so late is because I'm so tired I can't tire her out enough. Talk about a vicious cycle! And how did it get to be Thursday? What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday? Oh my word. I guess although it doesn't seem like I've done much with the little ones I've been busy busy planning various ventures. I'm not too keen on diving head first into things without careful research and planning- no wonder I'm so exhausted all the time, my poor brain is overworked. Anyhow. So I decided that Sophia is in need of a gymnastics class. Partly because she showed great interest before she even knew what gymnastics was, and partly because she just needs to work off some of that energy so I don't end up with permanent sleep deprivation. I didn't want to enroll her in the first class I stumbled upon, so of course I had to spend a great deal of time researching that. Then, my DH reminded me that we were going to be super busy with mini trips to visit family and have family visiting us, so I had to plan for that. We're going out to CA to visit my family in mid September and every time we go for a visit we spend the entire week sitting in my mom's living room saying "ok so what do you want to do?" " Hmm I don't know, what do you want to do". Talk about a waste of time. So this time, I'm coming armed and ready for any free moment. I would like to thank Chere Mere immensely for her links of things to do in LA she has on her blog. I had totally forgotten about all the awesome museums for kids in Exposition Park and what's even better is ever since Sophia remembered she had Danny and the Dinosaur she has been saying how Dinosaurs aren't real because they're too big and would trample all the people. I explained to her that they are real, but the are extinct so all that is left are their great big skeletons. She's a seeing is believing type of girl so the LaBrea tar pits and the Natural History museum are totally right up her ally about now. I must say, when I left LA I was ready for a change, and now that I'm gone I miss all the great stuff it had to offer. So yes, as off now our list of "things to do" consist of The Long Beach Aquarium, LaBrea Tar pits, Disneyland (DH tries to get out of this, but it never works.... he's a sport), Museums in Exposition Park, and whatever else we can cram in, I think Sophia wants to go to the Zoo too. I'm thinking up hitting up the mini golf at Mulligans - for old times sake. And although Mexican food is not "Sophia friendly", I will definitely get a Mexican food fix while the kiddies are babysat (I love how family = free babysitting). So, all in all, this time around will hopefully be quiet eventful and we'll walk away saying "wow what a great trip" rather than sitting on our rumps doing nothing. Hmmm I wonder if the LA County fair will be going on! OK enough brain vomit. A list of the books we read well past "bedtime" which seems to be non-existent at this point - Strega Nona, Danny the Dinosaur (and the birthday one, and the camping one), Three Billy Goats Gruff (twice), Caps for Sale, Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Snowy Day, A National Geographic Kids magazine and the 11th Hour (her new favorite, and mine too because it put her to sleep tonight). Its almost a shame I feel bad putting a cap on the reading - I just can't tell a her "no more books" because I love them so much too!

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Shari said...

Your LA trip sounds lovely. I hope you get some good sleep before then.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

DS asked me if there are any museums we can go to to see dinosaur bones. I am sad there are none here in Portland. ( I don't think we do). I will have to look more and see what museum we could go to.
Ahh the joy of bedtime reading. Somedays I really wish I did not start this bedtime story thing. lol