Monday, August 20, 2007

Lazy Monday

I must say.... today was possibly the laziest day ever. Aside from Brenna's doctor's appointment this morning and a trip to target for necessities, we really did absolutely nothing it seems. Everything I usually say "hey! lets do...." Sophia said "no I don't want to do that" and when I said ok well what do you want to do (which usually is the highlight of her day) all she would say was "nothing. I don't want to do anything". What?! While at target I noticed this set of 500 of those beads that click together to make bracelets and necklaces and what not, and it was for 4+, but its not like my kid is gonna put the stuff in her mouth. So we paid with that for quite some time, I guess we did get in some fine motor (so the day wasn't completely worthless). I made a necklace for her (while I was supposed to be cleaning up her messy messy room), and then she decided that she needed to put on her snow white dress, but she needed earrings (oh but of course). There were no earrings in the set so she took some of the rings and made them into earrings (hey whatever works right?) She got bored with that after dumping out all 500 beads and deciding she had enough already. So then we usually read a million stories or so (ok that is an exaggeration for dramatic effect) but today I was like hey! lets read some stories and she said "um no i don't like to read". What?! At this point I feared my child had been abducted and replaced by a clone. She told me that there was a monster in her room, but he wasn't mean- just lonely. Then she told me he needed to take a nap and to be very quiet. So I asked the monster if he wanted to read a story ... I took silence as consent. I started reading "him" Today I feel silly, then I started reading him Animalia but he was scared of the dragons and the elephants were just too big. So we read Danny and the Dinosaur instead. Sophia had to keep scolding him because he wouldn't sit still and listen (he just liked the stories too much). I think tomorrow (if all goes as planned which it never does) will be a fun filled day of crafts and art. Perhaps we shall make some Jell-O. Since I hardly ever talk about Brenna I shall interject a little B here. (Just in case any family folk read this and think... hmmm I thought she had 2 daughters) Well she had her 4 month well baby today. That meant shots. Sophia was quite concerned about her being hurt from the shots, but she said as long as she had band aids after Brenna would be ok. She is 25 inches long, but only 10lbs 14oz. That did not make the doctor happy. Not one bit. At 2 months she weighed 10lbs and at 1 month she was 9lbs2oz. Our little B is not getting bigger! She looks healthy (by mommy and doctor standards) and she has hit all the other milestones for her age like responding to my voice and lifting her head up 90 degrees and all that good stuff. And she laughs up a storm and smiles and coos all the time. She's just not growing. And this little kid eats. Holy Cow does she eat, and never spits up or anything! Needless to say we are quite baffled. The Dr. decided perhaps she has reflux so she prescribed her some meds but we're going back in 2 weeks and if she has gained some weight that's great and she probably had reflux and we didn't even know it. If she doesn't gain weight the poor little thing is going to need lots of blood work. After the allergy adventure when Sophia was little bitty this is like a walk in the park - I just hate seeing the little ones poked, its so sad.

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Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Oh how doctors want to fatten kids up. Oh all the meds they want to inject them with. If she seems healthy to mommy and daddy,then she must be healthy and happy. Hope it is nothing, just her being Brenna.

Kate in NJ said...

I agree with Yas...hope they are worrying over nothing!

Sophia reminds me so much of my P...
it cracks me up.

Hope you have another "lazy" day of enjoying your beautiful little girls!

Shari said...

I am glad B seems healthy and developing well. Hopefully the weight gain matter turns out to be nothing. :)

I have to admit that I look back on our lazy days with great fondness. I never knew what was brewing under the surface and would pop up a few days later. :)