Sunday, August 19, 2007

Overdue Camping Pictures

First I would like to say that arranging these pictures took me a very long time, as I am not very blogger savvy yet. So they are in no particular order, but I shall describe each for you... since they probably don't make too much sense on their own. There was much fun had... which is the one thing I'm fairly certain you could gather from the pictures :) So the first is of Sophia in front of our lovely little cabin. We were

going to tent camp, but thought perhaps that wasn't the best of ideas with Brenna being only 4 months old and what not - so we were definitely living in the lap of luxury as far as camping goes. I mean it wasn't the Ritz... but we're camping! It was exciting that we had a bathroom and little fridge for good eats. The next picture is Pat and Sophia after their adventure in the creek. (when I say creek I mean little trickle) He found some Indian face-paint rocks and with a little water and a lot of love my family came back looking like warriors. Pat did Sophia's face, and she did his face. I never would have guessed. Not only did we have a nice cabin, but there was a little playground to keep the kids occupied during those moments when running around in nature wasn't ideal (IE when mom was prepping dinner) So to the ship they went. Sophia never called it the playground, she always referred to it as "her" ship. The first of this group is her and Pat having a jolly good time. She is actually pointing her "wand" at me saying "expeliramous" (which bless her heart sounds a little more like "fairyanus", but that's OK). I don't know where this kid gets this stuff! So then after Pat made a great demonstration of how not to go down a slide, they decided to play in the sand at the bottom of the slide. Good thing they were the only ones there or perhaps they would have gotten a bit in the way. The last of this group was when I first came upon Sophia. Even though the little play area was in sight of our cabin she discovered and and disappeared for a couple seconds (so she thought). I followed her and snapped this one of her swinging all by herself. I didn't know she knew how to do that. So as if a cabin, creek and play area weren't enough... they had a pool! I'm telling you - lap of luxury. I not being one for being seen in a bathing suit in public (ever) hung out with Brenna while the 2 adventurers went swimming. Brenna and I got bored by ourselves so we went on a walk and came across the 2 of them. Now... I had warned them that I heard the water was very very very cold and not for the faint of heart. They did not believe me and both froze their little butts off. When B and I came up they both looked miserable - I told them to pretend they loved it and were happy. This is the best they could come up with... I do give them credit for trying though. A for effort! So while I was hangin' out they got bored of "relaxing" and went off to find something new... What exactly I can't recall, but few things in the world are as adorable as little girls on their daddy's shoulders. In addition to canoe-ing - rafting was also added to the list of things Sophia absolutely hates to do. As I went wandering I saw them coming ashore from the lake. I said to go back out 'cause I wanted a picture. Sophia was not happy about it. I was mean and said I wouldn't help her out until she looked happy for the picture. We seriously need to work on her faking it! Geeez. Pat was having a grand time and asked if I would mind if he stayed out a bit longer. I had a moment of weakness and said fine - I then had to give Sophia a piggie back ride all the way back, while being choked to death and trying to carry the life vest and something else, can't recall what. Not an easy task but she enjoyed our little bout through the trees so it's OK. This would be Sophia playing her harmonica and singing. She has no clue what the heck she's doing on that thing... but I must say she makes it sound better than either me or Pat would. Its actually much less annoying than one would think and I don't much regret buying a 3 year old a harmonica. I do however regret that she likes to share with daddy. *sigh* oh Patrick. And lastly, since there are hardly any pictures of Brenna since she slept the majority of the time I though perhaps she should be included since she is just really cute. She really was quite good given that she's bitty and it was really freaking hot. She was definitely not a happy camper the last day. And since there is a HUGE bluegrass festival that went on that weekend (we left before it started) and our cabin was designated as HQ for the whole thing we didn't have it the last night. After realizing it was virtually impossible to get her to sleep without the awesomeness of the bed I decided it would just be best to rent a hotel room in town. Very very cute town. Wellsboro, PA. So cute. And it was perfect because it was right across from a CVS so we could get some nice clean nipples for her bottles and not even have to worry if they were clean enough because they just needed a good rinsing, AND there was a heated pool and a little swing set there too. We got a nice full night's sleep before our long (LONG) drive home so none of us were too cranky (except Brenna who was definitely NOT feeling the 6 hour trip) and the pool was open 24 hours so the minute Sophia woke up she was in the pool where I literally had to drag them out because we needed to load up an check out by 11. Very very fun trip. Next year when B is not so bitty we're going to stay for the festival and tent camp. We are all very very VERY excited for Brenna to be less fragile because we had a great time and can't wait for the less foo foo version.

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Heather said...

It sounds like you had a really wonderful time.

Kate in NJ said...

That sounds like fun!
Great pictures too.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Cute pitures with daddy and his girl. I would have loved the cabin.