Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long day of "recovering"

Well.... I have yet to find my darn camera. So I do believe that the camping post shall have to wait one more... well I don't know if its a day - just until my DH returns from Saturday training. Sophia is still so wound up from the adventure of camping that she is driving me absolutely batty. The things she usually loves.... not so much. I swear this little girl is on speed or something. We tried reading... no, coloring... no, collages (she even got to do the cutting!)... no. All she wanted to do was watch Spongebob.... I don't think so! Maybe when dad is home and in charge of the entertainment but not so much when I'm around. I had reached the end of my rope (which happened to be a bit shorter than usual today. Then... she came up to me with a VTech game. We'd never opened it, it was a Christmas present from my mom but I didn't want her getting "sucked in" to the whole video game crazy - that and she was too frustrated when it took more than 3 seconds to figure out how it work the joystick. Well I decided today was a great day to give it a whirl. To much amazement it really is so much better than I thought! The color stuff and numbers is really easy for her but its good for the alphabet because she flat out refuses to say what letters are when I try and go over it with her. Perfect. Although she must be tired because she is acting like a super cranky.... I do suppose I should tend to her before she wakes Brenna. *grumble*

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