Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I do not recall signing up for this...

this being these... and these being crazy huge wild turkeys that seem to want to attack me while getting my paper. I know, what you're thinking... what does this have to do with adventures in learning? Well, for now this blog shall be about adventures in general.

Now that that's been said... back to turkeys. So, in my travels I've encountered many animals that seemed a bit out of place. Deer in my stairwell the first time I was in Monterey, fluffy cottontail bunny rabbits in Baltimore (city), and now I'm faced with a whole new slew of crazy animals. In the several weeks we've been here we've seen a coyote, a mountain lion, crazy huge turkeys, deer and ground squirrels - in our neighborhood. Now, lets keep in mind I'm not living in the woods, nor out in the country. Crazy I know.

Where is the adventure you ask? (As if all these new animal neighbors aren't adventurous enough)... well Soph is scared to death of these turkeys (after all, some of them are bigger than her) - however, she must have this natural "face your fear" thing inside her, for she saw them out her window this morning and asked me if they would bite, and then informed me we should go for a walk to see if they would run away. So, we went on a walk - they didn't run away, they just walked around us like we were in their way... which we probably were since I bet they were here first.

Other than that we didn't do much, it seems all I ever do is clean and try and have a somewhat inhabitable house. I really need to hurry up too, because B is into everything. If I take my eye off her for 4 seconds, this is what I see.

That is a sticker, on her forehead. I have no clue where it came from, but she came barreling full speed at me and then started cracking up. Good thing I was quick with the camera! I have a few other choice pictures from our day, yet those will have to wait until another time... perhaps in 16 minutes.

3 Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Kate in NJ said...

Ah..now I get the 16 minute reference,lol. I would be more
worried about the mountain lions
and coyotes than the turkeys,lol
but then I have those (turkeys)in my neighborhood and they have never attacked me, so maybe it's and East/West bias..;-)

Mariposa said...

So funny!

We have the same critters. Watch out for the mountain lions.

Daphne said...

I'm pretty scared of the mountain lions. I wont even go outside after dark, for fear of what may be lurking in the shadows.