Monday, October 15, 2007

Slow week and Pumpkins

Well... It seems that not much of anything got accomplished since my last post. I'm sure that more gets accomplished than I recall by the time I get around to posting. It I don't have a picture of it, I don't seem to remember it - gosh I'm getting old. We do lots and lots of puzzles. It would be silly to take pictures of all of the puzzles we do. This one is an alphabet puzzle with pictures of words that start with that letter beneath where the letter goes. It is working quite well with Sophia learning letter sounds. Sometimes she surprises me. Like when we were looking at a catalog today(her new thing is she likes to look at catalogs and dog ear what she wants....even if it's a curtain catalog) - there was this doll that I'm 99% sure she's never seen before, and I sure had never seen it but there was a dialog bubble that said "Uh-Oh, I made stinky" - and Sophia looked at it and she said "mommy I want that doll. She says Uh-Oh".... what? Perhaps it was coincidence. We dress up all the time... usually I don't find dress up picture worthy - unless she is wearing belle, Cinderella, little mermaid, sleeping beauty AND snow white all at the same time. I don't even know how that's physically possible - I wouldn't think they'd fit. My child defies all odds. The definite highlight (and only thing I really remember well) of the entire week was Friday when my bestest friend Maxine, her fiance and the kiddos and I went pumpkin picking at the ONLY farm around here that actually had pumpkins for picking! Oh it was a blast. She picked out her very own pumpkin. It was little and a bit lopsided, but it's the one she wanted so I wasn't about to tell her it wasn't good or anything like that. 'Cause it was perfect and adorable. We also "planted" seeds in her window greenhouse so we can see how plants grow. They suggested Lima beans - we went with morning glory seeds we harvested from our morning glories growing on our front steps. We hung them in her bedroom window so they can get lots of sunlight and she can see the daily progress. Hopefully it will go well. We also went to the newly opened Lakeshore Learning store. If heaven was a place on earth... it would be Lakeshore. It's a CA based store so I grew up with it- imagine my excitement when I found out there were opening one 10 minutes from our house. They're an teeny bit pricey, but some of their things are very reasonable... and they offer homeschoolers the same discount as teachers (15%) . I got lots of good stuff from them. Like Write and wipe numbers and letter books and a real cool teaching clock... oh it was fun. They have a website too at . Great stuff. Well that's abouts it.

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Heather said...

that sounds like a wonderful week. Thanks for the link to that store it is great.

Kate in NJ said...

We have a Lakeshore very near us, as well. They used to have free crafts on Sat and Sunday, but not the last few times we stopped in.
P loves that store!!

chanale said...

I hope your morning glories grow well!

I've never been to a Lakeshore (I think there's one 12 miles away) - I'd be scared of spending too much.