Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekly Review

I know this is so long overdue that it's not so much a "week in review" because I meant to post it like 3 days ago. My bad. Well - here is as much as I remember. It seems that unless I have pictures my memory is shot. Gosh having children ages a girl! We acquired a Bumbo seat for Brenna. I had heard such good things about them, and although she can roll over until she's blue in the face and almost crawl, she doesn't like staring at every one's feet. She loves sitting in it now. Sophia is diggin' it too because now they can have tea parties together. Last weekend (not this past weekend... but the one before that - yes this is that overdue) Sophia and I decided to make bubbles at night for the next day. The dish soap was blue, and Sophia wanted purple. So, she added lots and lots of red food coloring. A very dark purple resulted. We also played with her counting/sorting bugs. Here she was doing them while I made breakfast. Later we did them together. Every now and then I would make a mistake - she thought it was hilarious. I realized I never quite give Soph enough credit. Whenever we've done computer games on my laptop I also assumed that she didn't know how to use the mouse since it's different than a normal mouse (that and my mother can't even figure out my laptop mouse when she visits;)) Well I was very wrong, Sophia is a pro at the laptop. She really likes playing Disney Preschool Time online - here she is doing just that. There were a couple mornings last week that were quite cool and not humid and nasty (like it is right now). She's usually not hungry when she first wakes up, and on this day we were lucky enough for Brenna to be napping, so we went out in PJs and all to swing on our new swing set that we got from Freecycle. After I gave her a couple pushes she took over and didn't even need me anymore - I took pictures instead. Puzzles are on of our favorite things as well. We also got these from freecycle from a very nice lady who, after giving us a felt board was so kind as to tell me she was cleaning out duplicates and she would put them out for us to take what we wanted. So nice! The bag was filled with awesome treasures that both Sophia and I appreciated greatly. So many nice people out there!A bit ago Soph picked out a cat costume for Brenna. She decided she should be a witch so while at the dollar store she used a dollar of her allowance to buy a witch costume. Then after getting Halloweena from the library she thought she should read Brenna the story while wearing her witch costume. Brenna seemed to be having a good time. I didn't get to hear the story however. I got to put away laundry (lucky me). I just thought this was too cute. Talk about a flexible - I hope they were tasty. Brenna really is such a good baby. She just hangs out and follows along. She's probably going to be laid back and easy going like her daddy. Sophia is probably going to be off the walks and always busy like me. No wonder we butt heads - we're a bit too much alike.Well that's all I remember. We also went to gymnastics, went grocery shopping, went to the library - same ol' same ol'. Since so many people do book reviews, and I appreciate them so much - I figure I should be so kind as to review the books we read - we read enough of them! I'll only do the good ones though :) Hopefully life will be less hectic and I'll be able to post a bit more soon.

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Kate in NJ said...

Yeah! I've missed seeing what you are up to. Brenna looks like such a "Big Girl" sitting up in that seat.
Isn't Freecycle awesome?
We got our swingset from there too. lol

Heather said...

Oh what a great time you are having. I have a question for you. The pattern cards your daughter is playing with, were did you get them. They are great.

Daphne said...

Heather - We got the pattern cards from Discover Toys, They're called Busy Bugs. I also saw comparable sets at Lakeshore Early Learning. We have acquire a good amount of similarly awesome stuff from both places.

chanale said...

We have that bug game, too, except now that 4 of the bugs are missing, you can't do some of the patterns. :/