Friday, September 7, 2007

Silly Billies

So, last night I made a quick run to the library and flew solo. DH was making some chicken burgers and little B was sleeping so I planned my escape. I wanted to pick up some non-picture books and I knew that taking Soph along would not allow such a luxury. While I was there I dropped off her books from last week (another task that is not easy while trying to hold a little hand and juggle an infant carrier). She had been pretty negative about leaving the house for anything yesterday - and given the heat and the negative attitude I wasn't about to even attempt to force the issue. So, on the off chance that her mood was equally ucky today I picked up a few books, just to hold us over. Well she was so so excited that I came home with library books for her that she insisted we read them all. Immediately. After about 5 of them dinner was all done and off the grill so I told her she would have to wait for the rest - not happy but she got over it. Why the dissertation so seemingly unrelated to the subject title? We have a new favorite book! And as if that wasn't awesome enough, it is a mutual favorite! (although probably for different reasons) The Three Silly Billies by Margie Palatini. It is a really funny book, very silly and it incorporates a bunch of different children stories, which is why Soph likes it. And it is a good way to sneak in math! Which is why I like it. After we read it for the 5th time in one day, I went and found all the coins that were talked about and we "acted out" the story and added up all the coins and we got to work on coin value and she didn't even know it! Ha, I tricked that little one good! She really really doesn't like thinking I'm trying to "make" her learn. She likes to "surprise" me with what she has learned rather than be taught formally. I do suppose it is a good thing that I picked up on this early. *NOTE THIS IS REALLY LONG* you may want to skip it if you're crunched for time Now... on to the conversation we had in the car because I'm wondering if anyone out there had these moments when their kids were 3. So we're driving along and I don't know exactly what prompted the question, but Sophia asked who made her. And I was like "oh great - she's 3 and we've already had the death talk, and now we have to have the where do babies come from talk" So I answered her by saying, "well, Daddy and I made you" - dreading the "how" that I thought was about to come out of her mouth. Instead however - I heard "No. I mean who mademe. It was God right? God made me? Just like he made the ocean and the trees and all the other people? And why are we all here? Why did he make us?" Ok, so I was glad I didn't have to have a sex talk with my 3 year old... by why is she asking about the meaning of life at age 3? And how on Earth am I supposed to go about answering that? As I was not so gracefullystalling she seemed to answer her own question by saying "so we can be with other people right?"... right! Ok. So then once we got to Wal-Mart, they had their Halloween display up. Now, who in their right mind would put up a life-sized mummy that was motion activated to growl and be scary right next to the children's toys? Ok, not a good idea in my book. Sophia hatedit. She made it very clear that we were not to walk past it again(even as we were checking out). So then after re-assuring her that she'd be fine this conversation followed - (as if the why are we here talk wasn't enough) Sophia - "Mommy, what was that scary man, and why was he wearing toilet paper?" Me - "It was a mummy, and he wasn't wearing toilet paper, he was wrapped in cloth. But you don't have to worry because he wasn't real" Sophia - "So he wont hurt me?" Me- "No he wont, I promise" Sophia - "If he isn't real, why would they put him in a store and have him pretend to be real" Me- "Because that is how people decorate at Halloween time" Sophia- "Why would people want to put out scary ... what do you call them?" Me - "Mummies... they put them out because at Halloween people like to try and scare other people" Sophia - "I don't like that, I like Christmas better" Me - "me too" *by now we are in the car ready to head home... one would think a change of topic would be nice - or perhaps silence even* Sophia - "So... mummies aren't real? They don't exist?" Me- "No they don't... wait. They do, but they're not alive. So you really don't have to be scared of them" Sophia - "So mummies are real. But they are dead?" Me - "yes." - I proceeded to explain what they are blah blah blah. By now we're almost home. Sophia - "soooo... Adults like to pretend that dead mummies are really alive?" Me- "yes at Halloween time" Sophia - "and this is fun?" Me- "yes for some people" Sophia - "Mommy, that's not fun. It is mean. I'd rather pretend to be a princess." Yes I know that was really long.... but what?! Why why WHY am I explaining this to my 3 year old?! WHY DOES SHE CARE?! It's Halloween - can't she just accept it? Sure, I could have lied and said that mummies are not real, and cut my conversation in half, but I hate lying to her. And whenever I do just make things easier on myself she ends up calling me on it later and I don't want her to think I'm going to sugar coat everything... yeah yeah yeah. Am I alone on this one? Alrighty. I need to drag her to bed now. I meant to write about how even after I went to the library by myself yesterday, we went back today for 2 hours and checked out another 20 books - we ended up reading them all last night and she didn't want to return them yet so we just added to our collect. I almost feel bad hording so many books.

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Kate in NJ said...
I have 2 "mummy" books P really liked
you may want to look into at the library...if she has further "mummy" questions,interest.
I hope the link above works.-
I'm not great with the techie stuff.
We always have tons of books out, and I don't feel guilty- our library will let you request them and you cannot renew a book that is requested, so no more guilt. ;-)

patrice said...

Ugh! I'm still explaining the Halloween stuff to Annie at six and a half. She can't understand why anyone would want to see scary stuff, like bloody heads, mummies, creepy voices, etc. for fun. We just walked by a Halloween store and she was so freaked out I had to carry her with her head buried so she wouldn't have to see any of it. Sometimes when I can't do it anymore I just tell her frankly that I'm tired of explaining, talking about, listening to the Halloween questions, comments, etc. and that if I have any insights, or different ideas about it all, I will let her know.

Sometimes it works.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I like your new blog. I have alot of reading to do. DS asks alot of questions as well. LOL My 21 month old now asks me why. LOL She's dead serious. She looks at me and asks, "Why?"

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I like your new blog. Sophia sounds like a little adult. LOL 21month year old now asks me, Why? I never understood the Halloween thing either