Friday, September 21, 2007

Long overdue

Well, here are the pictures as promised... in somewhat chronological order. So we arrived Wednesday, and didn't do much. On Thursday we went to the LA County Fair. Talk about some all around family fun. Huge! Good times, not so good french fries. There was a super huge Ferris Wheel.... not my forte. Sophia however loved it, she wanted to go on it again. I took a picture of it. I bet the view from the top was pretty sweet. So while Sophia was on the Ferris Wheel (with my sister). Pat saw a booth where you could win a guitar by throwing a dart. He made me a deal... if I won the guitar, he would carry it for the rest of the day. Well - I won the guitar on the 1st try (I know, I so rock), yet by the end of the day he was carrying Brenna and her carseat was carrying the guitar... hmmm I didn't see Sophia most of the day, although she did manage to pop up every now and then to make sure brenna was ok and not "lonely", or bored. I swear that little B is a trooper. We literally dragged her around for a week straight and she couldn't have cared less. Yeah, Soph likes Carousels - that has been establised. And Pony rides. And Ferris Wheel #2. Please note she went on probably 5 different Ferris Wheels. The 1st was by far her favorite. We stayed until about 8pm, long day for a little Brenna. She was quite thrilled to play with her newly acquired and quite age appropriate toys. Soph loves to help her play with them - she also likes to "read" Brenna her new book. So - we went to Knotts on hmm... Sunday (I know what happened to Friday and Saturday?!) Friday we did lots of not much. Oh I did discover LakeShore - very expensive, however they are based out of Carson, CA which is like 25 minutes from my mom's house. So they have an outlet and we went to check it out. So awesome. No words.... I should take a picture of all the crap good learning materials I purchased at almost too good to be true prices. Perhaps I'll take another picture... ha. And Andrea (aka sister) had her Bday.. the big 22 on Saturday so there was a BBQ. Knott's on Sunday... SURPRISE - there was a ferris wheel. And a truck ride... if I wanted to be entertaining I'd have posted the picture with my sister and mom sitting on the back of the truck... but I think I might get hated on for that. Red Barron!!!!!! Charlie Brown and Snoopy were definitely a staple of my youth. I didn't realize Sophia had never even heard of Snoopy or the Peanuts gang. Well we dug out some of our old VHS before we headed out and now she love's the good ol' Peanut gang. I must say, little kids on rides made to mimic adult rides are so too cute. This was taken on the way up, and once the other kids (all 3 of them) realized that the boy on the end had his hands up, they all put their hands up too. Way too cute. So on Monday we went to visit my grandma's house. Sophia really wanted to go to her house earlier in the week when we went to pick up supplies (read as folding chairs) for sister's Bday. However, she fell asleep and was sad she missed it... so we made a trip Monday. We went out to the patio and Sophia was amazed that the entire back of her house was windows (or french doors or sliding doors... but all glass). So she kept peeking in to look in the windows. When you see the view that Patrick (aka DH) is admiring, you can see why there are so many windows! Awesome awesome awesome. Sophia had fun wandering aimlessly and smelling YiaYia Annie's flowers. Good thing she has lots of them! So, that's what we did in a very very small nutshell. We also went to the museum of Natural History, which she loved. We thought she'd get bored after an hour, but when we finished the 1st floor she insisted that we go to the 2nd floor to see all the other animals, then she found out they had a discovery zone for kids and we went to that too.... sooo 3 hours later, we headed out. While in the discovery zone she followed around the vet that was taking care of all the snakes and asked her probably about a million questions. So after the museum we headed to my uncle's store downtown for some lunch. If you ever find yourself around Pico and Normandie in LA go to C&K Importing, he has a restaurant called Papa Christo's Taverna and it is so awesome. He has the absolute best Greek food ever. And the portions and prices are awesome - so perhaps I'm plugging his restaurant a bit, but I'd say the same things even if we weren't related! The flight both went well. Alas, I have tons of unpacking to do. Hopefully our "schooling" will be more on track now that all the traveling is done.

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Shari said...

It sounds like a good holiday, with a lot of new and interesting experiences for all of you! Welcome back. :)

Kate in NJ said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a blast and I'm glad the traveling
went well.First try with the darts? You so rock!!