Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sick Baby girl and weekend fun

Well there was no post yesterday, as any free minute not spent running in circles and getting sprayed with silly string was spent tending to poor little Brenna who has her first cold (poor little B). Apparently Sophia however (who started the horrible circle of sickness), is feeling very full of energy and has a new found love of silly string. She doesn't like doing the spraying as much as she likes being sprayed with it. Very fun. So then today was definately a water play day. I filled up probably about a hundred water balloons and the squirt guns and the water mat. All while Pat cleaned out the pool so it wasn't icky with germs (definately don't need anymore of them here). Just as I finally lugged out the last bag of water balloons Brenna woke up all stuffy and sad. So by the time I made it back outside a little while later there was a daddy, and a Sophia, a nicely watered lawn but not a water balloon to be found! They use every last one without me! No big deal. I quietly went inside while they finished up playin' in the pool... little did they know I was planning my revenge! I filled up my own private stock pile and snuck outside while they were in a water war and had a good dozen to attack them with unbeknown to them! Mommy wins :)

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