Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A curve ball

So, as if starting home preschooling wasn't a fun enough new challenge - I apparently get to give it a whirl with a nasty head cold. Apparently my loving and (overly) active daughter loves to take care of me.... for 5 minutes and then she likes to pretend she's super girl and fly straight onto me while I'm still under the impression she's being a doctor. That's fine though, at least I had a blanket over me to buffer the impact. After a little while I realized that any attempt to relax was just not going to work, so I thought perhaps if we go to the park I can sit back and she can run off her energy (not like the kid naps, despite my greatest efforts). My luck, we get to the park around 1:30pm.... if I had been thinking clearly I would have recalled that 1:30pm is the time normal children nap - soooo just as we got there the only other kids there were leaving. (what are the odds?!) so as I tried to feed poor little hot Brenna (95 in the shade is not infant friendly weather) and poor Sophia is begging me to play with her since we're literally the ONLY people at the park, I convinced her that it would be a fun ride to go to the "big circle" mall and give the new tandem stroller a go. Apparently that was a good idea because she was totally up for it. That lasted a good hour - enough time for my head clearing drugs to take a decent effect. So we headed home, I tried desperately to keep Sophia at bay while I fed Brenna. Then since she was such a sport we filled up the pool. That was good fun. Around time that I was trying to "escape" to make some dinner my husband (and his impeccable timing) arrived and took over. The following resulted-

And by "the following" I mean a serious dinner protest - and some silly splashing, good thing I was at a safe distance!

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