Sunday, July 29, 2007

Picking and plucking

Since we actually got a decent amount of rain for practically the first time all summer, we started our morning by going out and picking some of our veggies. We check on them daily, but I had a feeling that they would have grown tremendously since it started raining around 3am and didn't let up until around 8 this morning'. Well, I was definitely correct in my assumption. My squash that I was going to let go just one more day yesterday is monstrous today! I should take a picture its that incredible. The bees are a bit scary to Sophia, so I did the harvesting and she did the bag holding. Since Brenna is teething and an insy bit cranky she slept until 10am (holy cow I didn't know that was possible), so while Sophia and Daddy ate breakfast I actually got to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the blue jays and cardinals duke it out with some squirrels over the sunflower seeds we have out in the yard. Always a fun way to start a Sunday morning. Perhaps if these thunderstorms let up we shall go swimming in our friends pool. Since its a real in ground pool and not just large and inflatable like ours it is much more inviting. We'll see how that goes.

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